Warringah Scaffolding has developed an OHSE Management System, which allows all staff and subcontractors to identify and control hazards in their worksite. Our goal is to ensure staff returns home safe and well at the end of each working day.

We have implemented the following safety policies to our OHSE Management System:

• Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy
• Rehabilitation Management Policy
• Environmental Policy

Each employee and subcontractor is inducted according to our safety policies and procedures prior to commencing work with us. When at work, Warringah Scaffolding personnel and contractors are required to keep their Safety Induction Handook, Emergency Plan, Field Environmental Instructions and Safe Work Method Statements with them at all times.

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment, and maintain a register of our environmental aspects and impacts. We have also developed a Hazardous Substance register, which is maintained regularly by our OHSE co-ordinator.

Where Warringah Scaffolding is appointed principal contractor, a Site management plan is developed which complies with AS/NZS 4801 standards prior to commencing work on that site. Our personnel and contractors are inducted into Site Specific Induction Training, which outlines the following:

• OHS Hazards Register
• Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register
• Relevant Safe Work Method Statements/Procedures
• Hazardous Substance Register
• Current Material Safety Data Sheets
• Site Specific Job Safety Analysis
• Any approvals, permits or similar documents
• Any other documentation considered relevant by Warringah Scaffolding

 Warringah Scaffolding investigates and records all incidents, LTI’s (lost time for injuries) and working days lost. The primary index used to measure our performance is the OHSE Performance Report, which regularly maintained by our OHSE Coordinator and distributed to our customers on a monthly basis.