Taylor-Construction-2To ensure smooth and undisturbed flow of construction works at construction sites, it is imperative that the site should be protected from the reach of unwanted outsiders. That is why construction hoardings restrict access to the people who are directly connected to construction works.

Construction hoardings are fences or scaffolds built on the ground to create an obstacle between pedestrians and under construction areas or building and construction sites. This offers security for the site and protection for the construction workers.

Taylor-ConstructionConstruction hoardings supplied by Warringah Scaffolding can be classified as:

  • Type A: Fences or vertical protective structure constructed in plywood timber or other approved materials with minimum 2.1 metres in height
  • Type B: Overhead protective structures
  • Type C: Type “B” hoardings with overhead sheds or storage
  • Metal gantry

We supply high quality, sustainable and innovative hoardings of all types and sizes. We deliver advanced hoarding systems at an affordable price.

Why our construction hoardings in Australia:

  • Building site security and construction worker safety
  • Enhance public-facing facades
  • Allow shops to stay open during construction works
  • Reduction in installation time

Why us as your next hoarding supplier in Australia:

  • Over 10 years experience
  • Successful completion of numerous scaffolding and hoardings construction projects
  • Cost effective solutions – all labour is in house and we own all of our equipment. These savings are passed onto our customers.

If you require quality centred construction hoardings from a highly experienced team in Sydney, call or email Warringah Scaffolding for your specific hoarding needs. Our supplies are ideally suitable for all sorts of residential as well as commercial construction projects in Sydney and its surrounding areas. Warringah Scaffolding services the construction and commercial industry in Sydney offering complete, custom and integrated scaffolding and hoarding solutions.

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