IMG_9417Formwork scaffolding in construction is called a temporary or permanent support structure or mould that is used to create structures out of concrete poured into the mould. It is made of timber, plywood, steel, precast concrete or fibre glass and can be used separately or in combination. There are different sorts of formworks that can be used in varied construction jobs. Steel forms are useful in the situation where the forms are reused. For small construction works, timber formwork is effectively useful. Fibre glass and aluminium forms are widely used in cast-in-situ construction such as slabs or members involving curved surfaces. Construction of formwork mainly includes propping and centering, shuttering, provision of camber and cleaning and surface treatment.

Warringah Scaffolding is a well-known formwork scaffolding company that offers the construction industry with the best scaffolding and formwork solutions for all sorts of construction projects in Sydney. 

FormworkWe are specialists in formwork scaffolding for all types of above mentioned formwork materials. Our custom and construction-oriented formworks and scaffolds render reliable and firm support to concrete structures and workers during construction and repairing works being done at heights.

It is quite clear that a formwork scaffold can be used in many applications especially in hard access areas. That is why our sturdily engineered formwork scaffolds render a fast and solid solution to any formwork issues related to residential, commercial or industrial construction.

Our latest formwork scaffolding job:

Hornsby Aquatic Centre, project run by ADCO where a 100m run of bird cage formwork scaffold enabled the project to continue on schedule.

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